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Jun 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
enthusiastically taking a lead role, but the economy and sequestration have done a number on the funding delaying plans. so is the 2018 opening date realistic? >> i think that's a reasonable target date but i guess i would make that a pretty soft date. >> reporter: but nothing worthwhile is easy. this is a vote of confidence in richmond's future and just as important, the children. there are plans to expand the university and lab's involvement in the schools. so one day, richmond's children can aspire to be the scientists at this site. >> they will now have something that represents more of the future than their proud past and we're very proud to be part of that. >> reporter: there will be a community meeting tomorrow so that the lab at the university can tell the public their long range plans and the public can weigh in. we are expected to hear some concerns about traffic in the surrounding area. but allen, unlike many, many projects throughout the in the past, here, people -- throughout the bay area in the past, here people want to see it done and are working together. >> thank you. >>> by the
Jun 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
altogether. >> come on, man. come on, man. >> reporter: we found a booming economy in underground food markets where you cannot beat the deals. >> how much? >> one dollar. >> a dollar for three? >> reporter: the sellers are feisty. [ yelling ] >> reporter: sometimes the struggle of the tenderloin neighborhood shows up too. >> give me all my money! >> reporter: but this story is more about where these sellers get at least some of their inventory. some of it comes from the san francisco food bank warehouse. >> we're aware that there are a few people who are selling food some of it we know comes from the food bank. >> reporter: how do you know that? >> we can see from the type of food that it is. some of it actually has our name on it. the food that we repackage has our name on it. >> reporter: we showed the executive director one of the food bank's products packaged here like this some clearly marked, not for resale. >> what's your reaction to that? >> well, it's never okay to sell food that comes from the food bank. it's not our donors' intent. it's against our policy and we make
Jun 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, and everybody in the sharing economy saying we can actually plan with you not wait for disaster to hit. >> reporter: hurricane sandy last winter was the wake-up call for new york. >> the oceans are warmer so we would expect more storms and we have to be ready for that and we have 450 miles of coastline in new york city. and we need a lot of technology to figure out how to protect from waves, from high water, from winds and that kind of thing. >> reporter: both mayors say they do need more help from technology leaders so the first part of that technology summit will be held in new york this fall. the second part of that summit will be here in san francisco early next year. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> there are 600 san francisco- based technology companies that already work together to help solve city problems such as education and immigration issues. >>> i would never want to witness that again. >> restaurant customers and workers terrorized by masked gunmen. why bay area police say they couldn't respond to the desperate calls for help. >> we want to make sure that people d
Jun 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
a year into the local economy. don knapp tells us why this tourism season expected to be one of the most lucrative ever. >> reporter: there are many ways to look at the tourism impact on san francisco. one way is to come to union square and look at all tourists from all around the world. they are spending a million dollars an hour. despite construction projects that bar their way and the biggest increase in the country in the cost of hotel rules, 11%, visit rooms are coming to san francisco on what's expected to be the busiest summer for tourism in recent years. these people are from italy. >> visiting this city because it's beautiful. it's fantastic. >> reporter: at moscone west, more than 1,000 travel industry professionals gathered to beat the drums for tourism claiming visitors to san francisco spend more than $24 million a day totaling $9 billion last year supporting 75,000 jobs. >> ladies and gentlemen, last year was just the beginning. >> reporter: while the number of visitors staying in hotels increased less than a single percentage point last year, they spent 5.5% more on rooms,
Jun 20, 2013 6:00pm PDT
buying program later this year if the economy continues to improve. the sell-off wiped out almost two months of gains and is making some investors nervous. >> my heart sunk and i'm retired and i have my money left in that and i'm going, oh, please don't let me have to get a job in retirement because my money is gone. >> reporter: analysts say the feds pulling back is no surprise. they have to, or risk rising inflation. but it's a tricky dance. >> when we see the stock market pull back our 401(k) accounts don't look good in the next month, perhaps we won't make the consumer purchases we have been making, it may make people think twice about buying homes as interest and mortgage rates go up. it's a delicate balance. that's what the fed is trying to do right now. >> reporter: more volatility is expected ahead. still, some investors look at it as a time to buy stocks. >> as usual, these are the opportunities usually for the people who might have missed out on some of the rallies, not jumping in with both feet but stay rational and look to put your money to work. >> i will be buying soon w
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5